Art Installations

“Luminaries of Pantheism” Mural

In January of 2015, The Paradise Project commissioned its first public mural for the side of its headquarters in Venice, CA. The mural, entitled “Luminaries of Pantheism,” is by the notable muralist Levi Ponce. The mural was completed in March 2015, and features famous scientists, philosophers and poets who have espoused pantheistic views of the world — views that everything that exists constitutes a unity, and that this all-inclusive unity is divine. Put simply, these great thinkers saw beauty in the connection of the universe. The Paradise Project, an organization dedicated to educating about these ideals, is proud to honor these wise men and women for their contributions to human evolution and culture.

The mural can be seen at the South end of the Venice boardwalk, which receives more than one million visitors per year. The art project was conceived by The Paradise Project Chairman, Perry H. Rod, and was designed by Peter Moriarty. Trustee Veronica Avila managed the project which involved a design contest. For more photos, please use the hashtag #LuminariesofPantheism on Instagram.

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