Our Programs

Public Art Program

We are working together with muralists and communities to bring about public art installations in high traffic areas that promote reading, knowledge, philosophy, and science. One of our projects was the famous Luminaries of Pantheism mural on Ocean Front Walk in Venice Beach, California (more info).

Pantheistic Studies

We are in the exploratory stage of creating The Institute of Pantheistic Studies, the world’s first academic institution focused on naturalistic religion. We are currently putting together a curriculum for a six-week intensive summer program to be offered to theology, philosophy, and religious studies students.

Young Explorers Program

Naturalistic respect and reverence begins with education about evolution and the natural world. We designed this program to give children an early start in learning about the wonders of nature, science, and community. It’s fun learning that helps kids prepare for life.

Create and Connect

We have partnered with various artists that offer creative workshops to inspire and foster community. Our programs are a way for our members to explore their creativity. If you are an artist and are interested in providing a creative offering send us a note to get on our calendar.

Book Program

We have a collection of classic fiction and non-fiction works in our library available to the community. Everyone is encouraged to check out our book collection. Click here to see some of our recommended reading list. If you have any suggestions on readings that should be added please send us a note.

Our Goal

We are working to create more centers and a greater voice for free thinking non-dogmatic individuals who want to celebrate and better our world. Help us bring together reason and spirituality as unique people have dreamed about, suffered for, and even died for throughout history.

The Project promotes free thinking, awareness, and education through lectures and events, and invites guests to our regular monthly meeting: 2201 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA.

For more information, please call 310-751-6278 or email at info@theparadiseproject.org.

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